Rough Around the Edges

This mix began life as a back to front psy trance mix that was supposed to capture the feeling of night into day (that glorious sunrise feeling), but as is my way turned into a full on mix all the way through, a couple of guitars are thrown in for good measure too!


  1. GMS – Gladiator
  2. Soul Caliber – Panick
  3. Cosmosis – Weird, Sick and Twisted (Cosmosis Remix)
  4. Bamboo Forest – Dump
  5. Cosma – Nonstop
  6. Man With No Name – Axis Flip
  7. Soundaholix – Psychedelic Circus (Astrix Remix)
  8. Deedrah – Reload (GMS Remix)
  9. Skazi – Fire on Ice (Eskimo Remix)
  10. CPU – Killer Rabbit
  11. Hydrophonic – A Place Like This
  12. Wizzy Noise – Baby Helikon
  13. Infected Mushroom – I Wish (Brutal Remix by Skazi)
  14. Talamasca – Aries

Click to download Rough Around the Edges