Choose your weapons

If you stick with the blog, you’ll realise that the titles are somewhat descriptive, even if they’re a little bizarre. That’s me, what can I say? I used to spend a lot of time choosing records, and its something I miss, in a big way. I used to love spending hours listening to new tunes and back catalogues. There were shops in Swindon, Oxford, Bath & Bristol, real shops with racks of vinyl. Kind of handy if you live in Wiltshire. Almost as satisfying was shopping online, then getting vinyl through the post.

I’d better make myself clear before I go any further though, I’m no Luddite (well not yet anyway). I was mixing on my PC and using CD decks before I had 1210s; its just that I liked to be able to leave the house for hours on end to go and listen to new music, and what was really exciting was that the stock was always different, each shop had its own QA, so you got diverse, but extremely high quality music (pretty much all killers, not fillers!!).

For the music I listen to, these days, there’s only a handful of (online) stores that I know of still selling [new music] on vinyl, being the main one. Yes, I know I can shop at beatport and trackitdown and audiojelly and a.n.other for mp3 downloads. The virtual stores just haven’t floated my boat. Until recently that is.

A rediscovered place has rekindled all sorts of musical madness in me. What place, in all it’s virtual glory, could ignite my musical interests in a way that no other place has in years? In a word, Discogs. Ripping some old mixes to the iPod, I went digging around for some tracks I hadn’t laid my hands on. eBay failed, but to be fair, I wasn’t expecting anything else – google however, pointed me in the direction of discogs, and it was like unleashing a monster (ooh err). I found what I wanted, and more besides. I did some digging for a few hours, but if left to my own devices, it would have been far longer. In fact, this post might not have gotten written, ever, as I’d still be there. The place is a treasure trove. One that I shall be frequenting more in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years.

For now, I’ve enough to be getting on with – but I would like to hear what sites you think I should be checking out, so please feel free to leave comments and links.

See you on the B side