The 4am Kitchen Mix

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New mix time…..!!! Yes, I know what you’re thinking; two in the space of a couple of months, not 12 (or 15) as it has been in the past. It’s a pretty fast little number, and back to some hard trance (& some psy sounding tracks towards the end too). Now where I’d usually go into some indepth spiel about this that and the other, I’m sparing you that today. What can I say, other than give this a spin 🙂 [It’s over on my mixcloud page if you want to stream]

  1. Trailblazer (Original Mix) – Mark Sherry
  2. Always Be Around feat. Sarah Swagger (MaRLo’s Tech-Energy Remix) – MaRLo
  3. Hobo Disco (Original Mix) – Johann Stone
  4. Music For Free (Mark Sherrys Outburst Remix) – Johan Gielen and Jan Vervloet
  5. ADHD (Original) – Artento Divini
  6. I Dive (XGenic Remix) – Yahel & Liya
  7. The One feat. Lucy Pullin (Original Mix) – Simon Patterson
  8. I’m Alive (Sonic Element Remix) – Paul Oakenfold feat. Infected Mushroom
  9. Creatures (Paul Oakenfold Remix) – Yahel & Liya
  10. Our Empire (John Askew Remix Final Mix) – Sean Matthews
  11. Summer Calling (Casey Rasch Remix) – Andain
  12. Bastard (Original Mix) – John Askew
  13. Dangerous Journey (Original Mix) – Oberon
  14. Smack (John Askew Remix) – Simon Patterson
  15. Beyond the Limit (Nick Sentience Remix) – John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence
  16. Devilish Visions (Original Mix) – Monroe Ramirez, Fergie & Sadrian
  17. The Nettle (Original Mix) – Bryan Kearney
  18. Unleash (Alex Di Stefano Remix) – Sean Tyas