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Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

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We’re gonna’ Lockdown2…… a flood of meme’s inspired by the situation that the UK currently finds itself in, induced an ear worm so compelling, I named a mix after it!!… Read more »

Just dave - Binary Wasteland

Binary Wasteland

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Hello faithful readers (all two of you….). For your listening (dis)pleasure, I’ve only gone and uploaded a new mix; snappily titled ‘Binary Wasteland’. Like most DJ’s that have entered the… Read more »

Jack Jones

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So this past week, the better half abandoned me 🙁  Ok, maybe abandoned is a little extreme, she was actually on a girls long weekend abroad – but it felt like… Read more »

Story Time

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It’s mix time ladies and gentlemen, so why don’t you step inside my humble site and grab yourself a download? It’s free you know! I know some of you might… Read more »